Fertility Massage

Several years ago I encountered a client who was struggling to conceive.  I thought to myself “There must be a massage for that”. All of my internet searches pulled me to Claire Marie Miller and her course.  Claire has decades of experience in helping couples conceive and carry babies. She has been inducted to the World Massage Festival Hall of Fame to honor her work.  

Fertility massage

Fertility Massage helps couples conceive via several ways

·         Reducing the stress of everyday life

·         Supporting digestive health for better flow

·         Increasing the circulation in pelvis

·         Breaking up adhesions or congestion in the female reproductive system

All work is done externally and is non-painful.

In June, 2018 I was fortunate enough to be able to train with Claire personally in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  It was such a powerful course, learning and seeing first-hand just have effective and live changing this work can be.  

Although there is another modality of fertility massage covered by Maya abdomen massage. I feel drawn to Claire’s thoughts and training.  

I am excited to put this training to use and help you make your family grow.

What Happens During a Fertility Massage Session?

The session, which lasts approximately 90-120 minutes is very similar to a Swedish style massage, with a few differences.  As with a regular massage you will also be draped, with only the area being worked on being uncovered. The goal of Fertility Massage is to relax the mother-to-be, increase blood-flow to all reproductive organs and to open the mind and body to a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Massage begins with a warm castor oil massage to the abdomen.  Castor oil is really “the oil that heals”. An organic flannel cloth and warm heat are applied to the abdomen and remains the entire time you lay face up.   Cranial-Sacral work, opening of the charkas and meridians follow. Gentle, but stimulating massage to the face, neck, scalp, arms and legs are also included.  Integrative reflexology is done using a special blend of aromatherapy for fertility is used. Lastly more abdominal massage is done, including an exterior palpation of the uterus, some deeper friction to the reproductive organs to open up and help relieve congestion.  There is additional work while lying face-down all with the intention of increasing the chances of conception